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Eurowalk Truck

Welcome to Eurowalk

Eurowalk was founded in 2010 with just two trucks operating from our base in Lutterworth. We initially carried only a limited number of load types including woodchip to destinations all over Europe including Belgium and Holland and returning with loads to to major RDC'S (Regional Distribution Centres) throughout the United Kingdom.

Eurowalk's utilization of walking floor technology has enabled us to grow into what is now a major force in the UK bulk and general palletised haulage industry. We can transport anything from anywhere in the United Kingdom to literally anywhere in Europe and that is the same in reverse. Maybe you need a load that is going to be transported from Poland, Holland, France or Belgium. Well, we can fulfill your needs with a complete, customisable haulage and transportation solution using our state of the art moving floor trailers.

With our 24/7 dedicated Supprt Vehicle, any breakdown can be rectified by our Specialist Mechanic, leaving you, the customer with the peace of mind that your load will be received on time and in accordance with the agreement set out by ourselves.

With a professional team starting with our dedicated team of fitters, through the office includiing our lovely Office Manager, the Transport Manager and our O License Representative. Not stopping there, we owe it all to our very hardworking driver and we feel confident that from your first phone call to our office, to the successful unloading of your vehicle you will be be left with the kind of professional fulfillment that you will not be able to say the same for among our competitors.